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Theatrical Production

  • Lines in the Sky only develops original works. So, we do not accept pieces such as jukebox musicals, celebrity biographical shows, adaptations of books/movies/tv shows, or any other work that was derived from an existing source.

  • Lines in the Sky only focuses on works that are completely new. This may include works that have held independent readings, workshops, or concert presentations, but may not include a work that has previously been fully produced (not educationally) or licensed.  


Due to our commitment to making theatre accessible, we need to make sure the creators we work with are serious about their craft. The reason for this is to ensure that we are not giving time and resources to those who will not utilize them fully over someone who would. Passion is the key to success, and we need to be confident in your own belief in your potential. 


Logistically speaking, we prioritize creators who are towards the beginning of their journey. Lines in the Sky is committed to lifting up new artists. Our time is reserved for the fresh faces of the industry. That being said, we will consider working with anyone and are always interested in hearing about your goals! 


Lines in the Sky does not tolerate works or creators that encourage discrimination in regards to race, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, or culture. If we feel that you or your piece goes against our commitment to acceptance and progress, we reserve the right to refuse service.


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