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June 13, 9:30PM

"We have been given a gift... we have been given a road... and that road's name is Rock and Roll!" You know these hits, but now, hear them like you never have before from New York's most exciting new talent. Sing along to "Sweet Child O' Mine" and rock out to "Barracuda" as we celebrate the anthems that define classic rock at 54 Below!

Produced by Dean Tyler K with

Lines in the Sky Productions.

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June 25, 7PM

PRIDE Sunday is full of celebration for the LGBTQ+ community here in NYC. Stop by Chelsea Table + Stage for a concert of original music by some of New York's greatest emerging queer artists! Hosted by Dean Tyler K, a queer songwriter who has performed his original music all over Manhattan at iconic venues like 54 Below, Don't Tell Mama, and The Green Room 42, this is sure to be a night to celebrate. 

EYE OF A NEEDLEGraphic.png

September 5

Join us at 54 Below for a debut evening of selections from Eye of a Needle, a new folk musical by Logan Foster. Dive into the world of a working class family living in dust bowl era Oklahoma. Trusting in their faith and the American dream, the Claytons search for any sign of respite amongst rising debts, depleting crops, and merciless storms. How far will this family go to preserve what little they have left? Come hear a cast of Broadway’s best performing selections from this exciting new musical

and recall a shocking piece of

historical realism!

A Lines in the Sky Production.

Human Logos-03.jpg

October 12 9:30PM

Written by Bonnie Corral and Krystin Lacey, Human: A New Ancient Musical explores those things which make us human – creativity, empathy, grief – and celebrates how we came to discover these qualities. Human is the story of an early human family living within their hunter-gatherer tribe. The father works hard to keep his two children alive and uphold the tribe’s traditions of survival. The eldest son is expected to soon join the Summer Hunt, but he is more artistically-minded than strong, sharing the joy of colors with his younger sister. Told from the lens of a small family, the story asks the timeless questions we all ask about the world and ourselves. Making its NYC and stage debut, join us at 54 Below for a night of remarkable storytelling through original music.

A Lines in the Sky Production.

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