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If you wish to work with us, please fill out this form below. Be sure to add a little information about your piece and what you wish to do with it. Here are some specifics we need to know for certain services you are requesting:
For Theatrical Productionplease include a synopsis of your work, any past performances of the piece, your resume or CV, and what you feel to be your desired next steps. 
For Demo Productionplease include any sample of the music (voice memo is cool!), a synopsis of the piece, and your desired instruments and number of voices to be included.
For Sheet Music Transcriptionplease include a synopsis of your work and the scale to which you wish to create sheet music (Vocal/Piano or full orchestration).

Remember, we only accept original works. 
Cabarets not based around an original work are produced and directed by Lines in the Sky and we do not accept ideas for them.

We look forward to seeing your passion! Please allow up to a week for response time.

Thank you for creating!


Thanks for submitting!

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