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“When I was young, I looked up at the practical contrails left behind by planes in the clouds as anomalies with indescribable possibilities. It was exhilarating to think of how they got there. To me, it represents opportunity. They cut through the sky unapologetically to achieve their fullest potential, following no specific path. They also challenge you to think further than what you know. The answers I came up with as a child as to how they got there symbolize the daring imagination that creation requires.”

What We Do

It is our belief that the Manhattan theatre industry has become too exclusive and discouraging to artists because of its monetary expectation on the artist at the start. We believe we can effectively change the business for the better by making it less expensive to dream. 

Unlike any other outlet in NYC, Lines in the Sky will work with new writers every step of the way to achieve their fullest potential. Yes, this includes fundraising. And no, there are no upfront fees to work with us. Too often, new writers are deflated when a service advertised to help them throws an out-of-reach monetary requirement their way. We will work with you to raise your funds and then, we will proceed to your ideal destination together.



I'm Dean Tyler K,

founder of Lines in the Sky

(he/him) I am a writer, singer, actor, musician, producer, director, and creator. I invest in my art because I believe in my passion and my drive. I thought, if I'm going to take all these steps to build a toolbox, I want to use it to lift up other creators at the beginning stages of their journeys. Thus, Lines in the Sky was born.


Kali Clougherty

Artistic Director

Kali (she/they) is an NYC-based actor and multi-hyphenate creative originally from sunny South Florida. When not auditioning or performing, they are producing 54 Below Shows (54 Sings Lady Gaga, 54 Presents Teen Angst on Broadway) and creating opportunities for themselves and other young artists. She received her BFA in Music Theatre from Elon University. Notable Acting Credits: Pinkalicious, Off-Broadway; "Seasons of Love" Soloist on the Tony Awards.

IG: @kali.clougherty | Rep: Pantera/Murphy

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